Monday, September 24, 2012

Artists Capture the Spirit of Newfoundland!

What a happy bunch!!!  The multicoloured jelly bean houses, the dramatic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the idle fishing boats in the "Petits" Habours and the unprecedented spirit of the Newfoundlanders made our Sketchbook Workshop Tour to this great Canadian province this summer an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT!  Everyday was filled with wonderful sketching opportunities - too many for the artists' palettes to stay closed for even one day.  Cecelia inspired each and everyone of the 19 artists to capture the landscape even if it meant trudging over rocky terrain to get the perfect view!  
Ferryland lighthouse (photo) offered up ocean vistas (some even saw the minky whale), a colourful subject on challenging terrain and a lovely gourmet picnic lunch!  Bell Island just a short ferry ride from St. John's is where the artists looked like stones sprinkled along the Island's dramatic cliff that plunged to the ocean.   See any outhouses??? Thanks to the mayor of Bell Island to delivering a portapotty for our group!  Later that day our guided tour of the #2 Iron Mine with Ed was a real eyeopener to a miner's life during the operation of the mine from 1895 to 1966!

Audrey, our token Newfoundland artist helped us find the secretive " Pitcher Plant" - again another trek into the boggy countryside, but well worth it! This provincial flower is the one you see waving in the Newfoundland and Labrador TV ads.  We all agreed that these ads are a true depiction of the colours of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Yes, we were " Screeched In" and everyone kissed the slippery cod and took a swig of that Jamaican Rum called Screech! We are now official Newfoundlanders!  Darrin and Tracy of Newfoundland Tours, not only provided us with Transport but also entertained us with singing and dancing any occasion they could in the true Spirit of Newfoundland.

Corinne and Cecelia,
What a trip to our magnificent eastern coast!  You led us from amazing vistas to snug little harbours while we discovered the history and culture of the delightful Newfoundlanders.  Thank you both for your expertise and professionalism while creating memories of a truly unforgettable experience.  Hopefully, I will again visit Newfoundland, one of Canada's best kept secrets.
 Barbara Piper