Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Britsh Columbia is Beautiful!

Friends of Voyages Millefleurs...

Our travels across B.C. this last week have been fruitful as we got much accomplished in the way of marketing in Vancouver. Of course we had to try out some great restaurants and bars, watch some fireworks and hit the coaster at Playland, so it was not all worky worky all the time.
We were tenting (with the exception of our stay with my brother in the lower mainland) so our pace was slowed as we got down to earth, literally. Christina Lake was warm, the Arrow Lakes we did not attempt for a swim (brrrrr... but so nice) and we re-discovered the Kootenays, east and west, as it is near our home here in Fernie.

So many of you have asked why we do not visit the wine growing regions of our country, Canada, on our tours. Despite roaming the globe to find a great grape libation we are fortunate enough to have some great wines on our doorstep in British Columbia.

The pioneers and newcomers of the Okanagan and the Similkameen Valleys make it easy to visit their wineries and welcome experts and newbies alike. The nice thing about these regions is that they are so accessible and filled with warm, welcoming people that our jobs as tour guides is done for us!
Anytime one drives down the highway in these valleys we are directed, quite organizedly, through the dips and valleys with the help of the Wine Route signs. The specific winery signs coax us down the road and assure us that we haven't yet made a wrong turn... it's just a little further...
On our list of events was the 1.6 mile dinner put on by the Strawbale Winery, Orofino. Orofino is located in Cawston (near Keremeos) in the climate for wine and fruit production perfection. We tasted almost everything in the winerie's range (that hadn't yet sold out... hurry folks, try to snag some of their 07 Alsacian style Riesling and keep your eyes out for the - not yet bottled but sooooo tasty - Gamay).
Bogner's of Penticton was responsible for creating a menu that used local products within a 1.6 mile radius. Yes, we are Canadians and count in Kilometres but you get the picture...
Chef Darren was modest and very sincere in his quest to find the best products from the valley and was honest when he was challenged on a few aspects that you just can't get in the area... like salt! He made 6 beautiful courses of eclectic dishes - all paired perfectly with the vino - and kudos to him on accomplishing the perfect texture with the beef. Thanks, and keep it comin!
A big thank you to the Webers for putting on such a spectacular evening amongst the vineyard.

Of course, keeping with our tenting theme for accomodation, we took advantage of having our house on our backs and stayed right there in the vineyard. Where else do you see us ending up?

More shortly as I try to find some wine in the Northwest Territories in August!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We go West! This time in our own country.......

Hello friends and travelers of Voyages Millefleurs...

This summer we are working hard here at "head office" on the mountain. We are making sure to take the time for biking and hiking (this morning we did a quick 3 hours up the Spineback at Island Lake Lodge). We are also focusing on the planning of tours for next year, as well as some plans to hit Chile with my brother, Ryan to do some filming in the vineyards.

We plan to make a trip within the country for a change, to Vancouver! We are now the newest partner of the UBC Alumni Travel Asssociation, and we are very proud to provide a niche for those folk whom appreciate wine, good food and travel.

For those whom are currently not yet alumni, or perhaps you never attended UBC..., Corinne and I will be exposing our tours for 2009 info at a "Wine Stop and Poster Drop" in the Greater Vancouver area - you may see our new flashy & romantic poster and call us up. I know you will!

We plan on passing through the Okanagan for a special stop in the Similkameen Valley at Orofino Winery. In this special part of the wine growing region we are certain to delight in great food and some familiar company!

More soon with our plans for the Harvest Tour of Italy, 2009...........

Natascha Radchenko

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