Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We go West! This time in our own country.......

Hello friends and travelers of Voyages Millefleurs...

This summer we are working hard here at "head office" on the mountain. We are making sure to take the time for biking and hiking (this morning we did a quick 3 hours up the Spineback at Island Lake Lodge). We are also focusing on the planning of tours for next year, as well as some plans to hit Chile with my brother, Ryan to do some filming in the vineyards.

We plan to make a trip within the country for a change, to Vancouver! We are now the newest partner of the UBC Alumni Travel Asssociation, and we are very proud to provide a niche for those folk whom appreciate wine, good food and travel.

For those whom are currently not yet alumni, or perhaps you never attended UBC..., Corinne and I will be exposing our tours for 2009 info at a "Wine Stop and Poster Drop" in the Greater Vancouver area - you may see our new flashy & romantic poster and call us up. I know you will!

We plan on passing through the Okanagan for a special stop in the Similkameen Valley at Orofino Winery. In this special part of the wine growing region we are certain to delight in great food and some familiar company!

More soon with our plans for the Harvest Tour of Italy, 2009...........

Natascha Radchenko

Your window on the world of wine...... is Voyages Millefleurs Travel Inc.

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