Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trolly car driving in Lisbon

So, my friends...
We have just finished a grand trip to Europe with a wonderful trip in Provence with 18 artists and their sketchbooks. They were learning how to paint with watercolour and I even joined in this year... Corinne has been painting for 3 years or so, so she had some pointers for me.... I learned that it is important just to delve in... no fear from this girl, even if you think that all you will produce is chicken scratches.

After the Sketchbook art tour we carried on to do more research for the next art trip. We skipped through Spain to land in Marrakesh, Morocco. How exquisite! The snakes in the Fnaa were there to charm us and we delighted in some tagines and wonderful Moroccan cuisine... we left the goat heads for the locals in the souks. We have decided that Marrakesh is a pretty exciting destination and have added it as an exension to our wine tour of Spain and Portugal.

Where next? Spain and Portugal of course! After the zip to Morocco we continued our research in Spain, starting in Madrid. We stay in the funkiest of hotels and take in the night life near the Plaza del Sol - a flamenco show is a must see! So much power!

We carried on west through Toro to taste wine and to paint some more - all the while knowing that we have two of the best pastimes on the planet. We hit the Douro valley for some boat tours and some grape stomping, not to mention good food! We have a friend who is a Portuguese bullfighter (and winemaker) who participates in the bullfight where the bull is not killed but tackled by seven competitors or matadors I suppose they are called... very interesting and entertaining!

Lisbon was a great surprise for us as we let our natural instinct take us around. We had a blast being tourists (for research purposes only) and taking pictures and painting.... that is how I came to be driving the trolley car in the recent picture. What a great city - beautiful, not hard to manoevre, and safe!

Our travels of Europe this spring were absolutely spectacular. I can't wait to share our experiences our travel friends, those willing to give us a try for the first time and those who know what a blast we know who you are!

Will keep you posted with the next tour - the autumn in Italy - Florence through Tuscany and ending in Venice...

Travel with you soon!

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