Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Adventure in Argentina

After 10 years of collaborating with Cecelia and Mel Jurgens to offer Sketchbook Workshop Tours around the world, this year’s Adventure in Argentina sadly missed the Jurgens family as they mourned the loss of Mel, husband and father and a solid support for our artist friends!
The artists theme was always present during the tour as former students of Cecelia and new beginners encouraged each other to capture the beauty of Argentina in their sketchbooks. A few days in Buenos Aires had us visit the colourful barrios of La Boca and San Telmo for tango in the streets and artisan fares! A guided walking tour of downtown Buenos Aires including the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada and San Martin’s tomb in the Cathedral  was followed by a lunch in the famous Tortonis. Here we discovered how grande a grande cerveza really was!!
After a couple of days in this city of 16 million we were whisked off to the tranquility of the La Cantera Jungle Lodge at Iguazu Falls. And yes, we got totally wet as Romina guided us along the upper and lower catwalks on the Argentine side of the falls and gleefully set us off on the Grand Adventure boat ride in the deluge of these massive water falls – one of the wonders of the Natural World.   

Another short flight took us to Salta, one of Argentina’s northern provinces with a strong Inca influence. One cannot imagine the intense colours of the mountains in this province. Some of us enjoyed capturing these ocres colours in our sketchbooks and all enjoyed Andres Hoy’s informative tour of the El Esteco winery!  Cafayate is the small microclimate of Salta’s wine production specializing in Torrontes and Tanat at high elevations. All yummy! As was the food!
Some of our guests delighted in consuming  beef specialities from all parts of the animal – inside and out in the typical Argentine Parrilla. Others tried goat and alpaca along with other delights of the Argentine meat based diet! Salad? What is that?
North of Salta in the Andes, Pumamarca in the province of Juyjuy was a highlight. We followed Leo our guide to the top of the Red hill for spectacular views of this little pueblo with its market and the hill of seven colours. Some of the group managed to find local music in one of the outdoor restaurants while others shopped for local artisan gifts. 

Soon we were back in Buenos Aires for some museum days, the Palermo gardens and a delightful Dinner Tango Show at Café de los Angelitos! A few adventuresome souls learned how to tango with Trini and Juan Carlos and then were swept off their feet in the oldest tango hall in BsAs,  Confeteria La Ideal as they put their steps to practice with the tango escorts!

Thanks to the whole group for pulling together in the spirit of the Jurgen family to make this another delightful experience for all!

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