Monday, July 13, 2009

Travels with Corinne in France

Greetings to Voyages Millefleurs guests!
I hope that all of you are finally enjoying some lovely spring weather in Canada! I was lucky with the weather in Europe this year - very sunny and +30. I am now back in Fernie planning some more wonderful adventures! I will be managing this lovely property in Nice, France from Aug. 26-Sept. 10, 2009. Check it out - a little bit of PARADISE! Francois & Jerome have two modern apartments in this reconstructed Italian villa on a hilltop in Nice. Easy access to travel in the countryside or Nice itself. 110 Euros per apartment per night OR 730 Euros for the week. Come and join me! 1 877 423 5007 Some of might know this property formally run by Pierre and Ian. Two kiwis have taken over the property and have turned the garden and poolside into a lovely respite. I will be staying here in the little Cabanon for two weeks - Sept. 21 - Oct. 2, 2009 and will be offering beginning French classes - 3 hours a day, plus lots of practice as we visit the local markets and villages. Contact Keryn if you are interested in a stay (very reasonable prices) and me if you are interested in some fun French lessons! 1 877 423 5007

I would love to know where you have been travelling lately.
Remember travel is your most secure investment that will only appreciate in value!

Happy Trails to you! Corinne

Voyages Millefleurs Travel Inc.


PK said...

Dang it! I wish that I lived closer to Provence and the Mas. The idea of French lessons with you and K&K combined with shopping and touring to practice it all - sounds ideal.

You'll be there about the same time that Dave and I were in Rognonos last year - great time of year to be enjoying the south of France.

Have fun and give my best to the Kiwis.

Anonymous said...

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